Used Antifreeze Acceptance Criteria

To protect our customers, EET Corporation will only accept shipments of used antifreeze that meet the following criteria:

Sampling and Testing

Acceptable Composition of Used Antifreeze

Required Paperwork

Minimum Shipments

I. Sampling and Testing

First time suppliers must provide a minimum representative one-quart sample of the used antifreeze they intend to recycle before shipping the used coolant to our facility.

Our technicians will perform six tests on the sample to determine its suitability for recycling. We require a minimum of two days to perform the analyses.

There is no processing charge for used antifreeze that meets our acceptance criteria. The only cost to your organization would be shipping.

Contaminants that would prohibit recycling include:

We suggest the use of best management practices to minimize the risk of contamination.

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II. Acceptable Composition of Used Antifreeze

EET uses the following criteria to evaluate the acceptability of used antifreeze for recycling.


Test Method

Acceptable Levels

Contaminant Charges

Reject Levels

(% Wt.)

Refractive Index 25% min. <25% *
(% Vol.)
Centrifuge 2 % max. >2%
Reduces Value
Excessive Salt Conductivity meter <6000 µS/cm >6000 µS/cm N/A
Total Halogens (ppm)
Hydroclor-Q test Kit By Dexsil Corporation <500 N/A
Reject if >500
Caustic Soda Addition1
Test Strip
<50 ppm >50 ppm *
pH pH Meter 6.0 - 11.0 N/A Outside of acceptable levels.
1The threshold odor concentration of ammonia at alkaline pH is approximately 1.5 ppm.
* Case-by-case basis

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III. Required Paperwork

Customers must complete a Spent Glycol Information Form, which provides detailed information about the shipment, and return it with the sample. Contact EET for a copy.

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IV. Minimum Shipments

We only accept bulk shipments of used antifreeze. The minimum volume required for a shipment is 2,000 gallons. Smaller amounts of used antifreeze should be sent to a designated transfer facility.

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EET does not provide residential antifreeze collection or recycling services but encourages consumers to take used antifreeze to state-approved collection centers. We only accept bulk shipments having a minimum volume of 2,000 gallons.

Contact EET for more information about our antifreeze recycling services.

Used Antifreeze Collection Services

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