EET Corporation’s Antifreeze Recycling Facility

Antifreeze Recycling facility EET’s antifreeze recycling facility is a state-of-the-art operation conveniently located in the Southeast ready to serve the 65% of the nation’s population located within a 500-mile radius.Directions

EET's modern, multi-stage, patented process recovers and purifies glycol water mixtures without environmental impact.

Antifreeze Recycling Process Used engine coolants, glycol based heat transfer fluids and other spent glycol and water mixtures are remanufactured into a variety of premium quality products. Recycled virgin-equivalent base fluids are reformulated with Fleetguard® Technology to meet or exceed all specifications for new antifreeze, coolants and heat transfer fluids.

Antifreeze Products Used antifreeze suppliers and recycled, reformulated antifreeze buyers benefit from the economical and environmentally friendly program helping them meet increasing demands from government regulations, shareholders and the general public.


Arctic Blend

Arctic Blend® Antifreeze, Coolants and Heat Transfer Fluids

Cummins Filtration

Recycled Engine Coolants

Used Antifreeze Suppliers

The EET Antifreeze Recycling Facility offers suppliers (typically used oil collectors and other large scale consolidators or generators of used engine coolant) a safe, cost-effective and environmentally compliant outlet for their used engine coolant.

Used Antifreeze/Coolant Criteria

Antifreeze Suppliers

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