Arctic Blend® Antifreeze & Engine Coolant

Arctic Blend® ethylene glycol based prediluted 50/50 antifreeze/coolants feature the precise balanced factory-fill blend used by major auto and truck manufacturers. Ready-to-use products ensure proper chemistry when used at top-off for ultimate convenience and protection all in one. These premium quality antifreeze products are inhibited with Fleetguard® technology and formulated with virgin and equivalent purity recycled glycols and deionized water.

What is the difference between ethylene glycol and propylene glycol?

Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are chemically similar. Ethylene glycol has the chemical formula C2H6O2. Propylene has the chemical formula C3H8O2. Ethylene glycol has a slightly higher boiling point than propylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is less expensive to produce and is more widely used. Propylene glycol is less toxic.

How does antifreeze differ from engine coolant?

Engine coolant is a generic term used to describe fluids that remove heat from an engine. Antifreeze is a more specific term used to describe products used to provide protection against freezing. Many people use these terms interchangeably, as we also do in this FAQ.

Can I add propylene glycol based antifreeze to my existing ethylene glycol based antifreeze?

Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are chemically very similar and can be mixed without harming the cooling system. Ethylene glycol does have better heat transfer properties than propylene glycol. Adding propylene glycol does not make the ethylene glycol less toxic.

Is it true that cooling system problems are the leading cause of engine failures? Can using the right antifreeze help?

Yes, cooling system neglect is the leading cause of premature engine failure. Using the right antifreeze is only part of the solution. Poor water quality and incorrect dilution are root causes for most cooling system problems.

How often do I need to change my antifreeze?

You should always follow the vehicle or engine manufacturer's recommendations for antifreeze change intervals and cooling system maintenance.

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Fleetguard Arctic Blend Universal
Universal - Low Silicate Antifreeze
For use in light-duty applications.

Arctic Blend Heavy Duty
Fully Formulated Heavy Duty Antifreeze
For use in heavy-duty diesel engines.

astm Arctic Blend Heat Transfer Fluid
Heat Transfer Fluid
For use in machinery and compressors.

G-Plus Extended Life Antifreeze
For use in all American and European automobiles and heavy-duty diesel engines.

Pilot Logo Arctic Blend® G-Plus, EET's extended life engine coolant suited for all heavy duty diesel and gasoline engines, is now available nationwide at Pilot Travel Centers, LLC.

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Arctic Blend® antifreezes and heat transfer fluids are produced at EET Corporation's Antifreeze Recycling Facility in East Tennessee. Our proprietary HEED® technology provides the foundation for a multi-step recycling process.

Our Arctic Blend® ethylene glycol based antifreeze products are formulated to meet or exceed all specifications for new antifreeze and engine coolants:

Our on-site quality assurance laboratory monitors recycling operations and ensures that outgoing shipments meet stringent standards. We provide a certificate of recycled content to our customers with each shipment.

Arctic Blend® recycled antifreeze products protect the environment and provide an economical alternative to expensive new coolant.

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For more information on antifreeze and coolant recycling, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or About Antifreeze

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