EET Laboratory Information

EET Laborotory EET has an on-site laboratory for analyzing incoming used antifreeze, in-process samples, and finished products to ensure high quality. The laboratory conducts a variety of physical and chemical tests.

These tests confirm that incoming used antifreeze shipments meet EET's acceptance criteria, verify that EET's processes are producing high-quality recycled ethylene glycol, and ensure that EET's fully reformulated antifreeze products meet or exceed all specifications for new antifreeze and engine coolants.

These Tests Include:

Equipment / Standard
% Ethylene Glycol Refractometer

pH / Conductivity meter
(ASTM D1287)

Conductivity pH / Conductivity meter
Reserve Alkalinity ASTM D1121
Density Hydrometer
Foaming Tendency ASTM D1881
Color Colorimeter

Glycol Degradation Products

Ion Chromatograph

Chloride and Sulfate

Ion Chromatograph

Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate

Ion Chromatograph

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