An Overview of EET Corporation

EET Corporation, founded in 1990, provides comprehensive industrial waste management technologies, products and services to a variety of governmental and commercial clients.

EET has substantial capabilities in the areas of hazardous, radioactive, mixed and industrial waste management, waste treatment and recycling technologies, waste operations, environmental permitting and regulatory compliance, and storm and wastewater management.

EET's newly developed patent pending, high efficiency electrodialyis (HEED®) systems provide much more effective ion removal from liquids than conventional electrodialysis (ED) technology. HEED® systems require much less electrical energy and membrane area than conventional ED systems which leads to lower capital and operating costs for the user.

EET developed the world's first combination pressure safety and lifting device for drums, the Drum Web 5585 and 2030. Numerous U.S. government facilities require the use of Drum Webs for the protection and safety of their personnel. EET supports these products with a unique safety training video that depicts safe handling methods for 55-gallon drums that may be pressurized.

In addition, EET offers numerous patented products, including customized sampling equipment used in the characterization of hundreds of unique waste types.

Continually striving to innovate and improve its services and technologies for the benefit of its valued customers, EET offers practical, effective, and affordable solutions to waste management problems. Our customer-oriented employees are committed to providing clients with the best value services, products and technologies possible.

EET values our customers.

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