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It all began back in 1990 when the founders of EET Corporation (EET) saw a great need for technical and managerial expertise to deal with the hazardous and radioactive waste generated and stored at nuclear facilities.

Since that time, EET has grown into a world-class company that protects the environment, helps safeguard the country through the secure tracking of radioactive and hazardous wastes at U.S. Department of Energy facilities, and pioneers water recycling technology that will help ensure a potable water supply for tomorrow.

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EET's modern, multi-stage, patented process recovers and purifies glycol water mixtures without environmental impact.

Liquid Technology and Services
EET provides used antifreeze recycling services, fully reformulated antifreeze products, systems for treating/ recycling industrial wastewater and desalination technologies.

EET markets the following products:

Arctic Blend® Antifreeze Products
HEED® - Models 75, 150 and 300
Mobile Desalting Unit

Drum Webs - The world's first combination pressure safety and lifting device for drums, available for 5, 10, 20-30, 55-85 and 110 gallon drums
Sampling Tools
Safety Video

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