What is HEEPM™?

High Efficiency Electro-Pressure Membrane (HEEPM™) technology is a patented process employing an integrated approach to deionization. HEEPM™ uses multiple types of patented and patents-pending High Efficiency Electrodialysis (HEED®) membrane units operated in integrated configurations with nanofiltration and/or reverse osmosis units, in a single synergistic unit operation, as shown below for a water desalination application.


In the HEEPM™ integrated arrangement, HEED® serves to maintain or lower the feed to the nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membrane elements and, as a result, the nanofiltration/reverse osmosis permeate quality remains high even at high overall recoveries. In addition, the recycled nanofiltration/reverse osmosis concentrate serves to maintain the HEED® feed at levels that provide the most efficient current utilization and separations.

When a potential HEEPM™ application is identified, EET engineers analyze the customer’s liquid feed chemistry and desired product chemistry, production rate, and recovery. EET engineers then select and size the electrical driven membranes and the pressure driven membranes for optimal HEEPM™ performance, using EET’s proprietary system analysis software. The effect of this modeling and resulting integration is that the electrodialysis and nanofiltration/reverse osmosis sub-systems work synergistically, each operating in its optimal range, providing the least cost overall system.

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