HEEPM™ Applications

The High Efficiency Electro-Pressure Membrane (HEEPM™) process is a revolutionary desalting and/or concentration technology that is finding applicability over a wide range of applications and feed types where high recovery, high product quality, and low system cost are key, including areas where distillation or evaporation were once thought to be the only viable options. The HEEPM™ process’ ability to produce highly concentrated brine greatly reduces management issues associated with brine disposal, especially at inland desalination plants where transportation and disposal costs are substantial. In addition, the HEEPM™ integrated process can be operated to produce very low TDS product with very high recovery, and it can also process high saline feed waters typically considered out of the economical treatment range of traditional stand-alone electrodialysis and nanofiltration/reverse osmosis processes. Potential HEEPM™ applications include:


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  • Industrial laundry
  • Produced water from oil/gas production
  • Cooling tower makeup & blowdown treatment
  • Wastewater recovery & reuse
  • Metals industry
  • Wash-rack water reuse
  • Boiler makeup & pretreatment
  • Ultrapure water pretreatment
  • Process water desalination
  • Power generation
  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Towns & villages
  • Construction & military camps
  • Nitrate reduction
  • Hotels & hospitals
  • Greenhouses
  • Hydroponics

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