HEED® Flow Configurations

The patents-pending HEED® split cell design can be operated in parallel as a roughing demineralizer or operated in series allowing for single pass continuous flow. When operated in the series mode, the HEED® design permits separate voltage control when a higher purity fluid is desired. Separate anodes and cathodes provide electrical energy to the parallel sets of first cells and second cells. Separate rectifiers can be used to apply specific electric potential across the first set of cells and second cells when operated in series, or a single rectifier can power both the first and second cells when operated in parallel.

In short, the unique HEED® design incorporates the benefits of hydraulic and electrical staging without the inherent clamping complexity and expense of commercial electrodialysis systems. HEED® is the only commercially available design that permits simultaneous demineralization of two separate streams.

The flow diagram illustrates both dual and multi-cell configurations.

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