HEED® Summary

High Efficiency Electrodialysis (HEED®) is a new patented and patents-pending technology developed by EET that represents a dramatic advance in reliable electrodialysis (ED) desalting technology.

HEED®The HEED® design requires significantly less membrane area and is much more energy efficient compared to traditional ED designs, making it more economical and adding flexibility for the removal of a wide range of undesirable ions from product and recirculating process streams.

The patents-pending HEED® electrodialysis stack configuration with dual or multiple side-by-side ion exchange membrane cells and improved gasket design results in greater separation efficiencies and affords greater flexibility in unit design.

The improved design results in a stack requiring significantly less membrane area (up to 40 percent less) and that is significantly more energy efficient (over 70 percent more efficient) compared to traditional ED stacks. HEED® systems are energy efficient, compact, modular in design, and easy to operate, delivering unmatched flexibility and recovery capability.

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