How HEED® Works

Like traditional electrodialysis, HEED® is an electro-membrane process in which the ions (ionized and ionizable species) are transported through a membrane from one compartment to another under the influence of an electrical potential. In effect, ions are driven from a region of low concentration to one of high concentration.

To help visualize the process, please view our HEED® video.

HEED®, like electrodialysis, is the only membrane process that does not discriminate by particle size, but moves dissolved ions and minerals away from the water rather than moving water through the membrane, as with filtration-based systems like ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis (RO).

This feature offers a great practical advantage since the quantity of ions and minerals in the feed stream that must be moved across the ED membrane is far less than that of the water that must be transported across a filtration-based system such as RO.

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