Engine Coolant Recycling Systems

The patented process and apparatuses developed by EET Corporation yield high recovery (>95%) of a virtually salt-free glycol/water that is well suited for reuse as an engine coolant. The EET technology provides an attractive alternative to re-distillation, which is an expensive, energy consumptive process that exhibits various workplace hazards, generates air emissions and hazardous still-bottom waste.

The EET Corporation Coolant Recycling System (CRS) is a patented multi-stage process that uses a combination of electro-physicochemical methods to recover and produce an upcycled engine coolant indistinguishable from virgin products. This is accomplished by use of two separate unit operations that remove contaminants and residual corrosion inhibitors typically found in used engine coolants.

EET's CRS systems offer the ability to economically recycle used antifreeze to virgin quality chemistry. The CRS system, when used with the appropriate OEM inhibitors and used coolant that has been handled with best management practices, is capable of producing upcycled coolant exceeding OEM specifications. When operated responsibly with properly managed feed, it produces no hazardous by-products or emissions, and the by-products can be easily managed and disposed.

Its clear advantages over other antifreeze/recycling technologies include:

  • Achieves 95-99+% recovery.
  • No hazardous by-products.
  • Removal of impurities to ASTM and HD-OEM limits.
  • Design that tolerates typical used engine-coolant contaminants.
  • Low energy requirements.
  • OEM re-inhibition additives available to licensees.
  • Competitive capital cost per unit of installed capacity.
  • Standard models with nominal capacities from 50-300 gallons per hour.
  • Low operating cost (greater savings/profit potential).
  • Economies of scale with large capacities - scalable to any size.
  • Reformulated engine coolant meets ASTM D-6210, OEM, TMC and U.S. Military (CID) performance specifications, when used in conjunction with OEM additives.
  • Technical/recycle program support available.
  • Licensing opportunities available.

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Availability in the USA is limited. For more information on our coolant recycling systems, contact EET.

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