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EET can help transform costly liabilities into raw material or product assets. Our team of experts work the problem to find new profit centers and help you improve your bottom line. Our innovative systems will offer solutions to avoid environmental hazards that can threaten your future business. Recycle your aqueous waste effluent streams and meet the most stringent environmental regulations while reducing your operating costs, even creating a new profit center.

EET offers a comprehensive line of treatment systems. Standard units combine use of cartridge/mixed media filtration, carbon adsorption and multiple odor control options. Filter systems are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations for treatment and reuse of wash-water. Complete reclaim systems are available for new installations or retrofitted to existing locations. Partial to "near-zero" discharge water recovery is available. Custom built systems address the variable nature of the application and washing equipment. Materials of construction allow for operation in most harsh environments. The systems can be designed for unattended operation.

EET's PCT System

EET's High Efficiency Electrodialysis (HEED™) Technology

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