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EET Launches New Safety Products and Revamped Web Site

EET Corporation recently completed production of its first safety training video, "Pressurized Drums, What Every Handler Should Know." The video illustrates the extremely violent reaction potential of pressurized 55-gallon mild steel, open-head drums. EET developed the video to educate the drum handler, their supervisors, and waste, environmental, safety and other managers on safe handling methods. The video is a complimentary product to EET's patented Drum Web 5585, the world's only combination pressure safety and lifting device for 55- and 85-gallon drums.

In order to promote the new video and drum safety awareness, beginning June 1, 2001 EET is offering the video free (retail value of $199.00) to the first 50 customers who purchase a Drum Web 5585, which retails for about $225.

EET also will expand its current Drum Web product line by offering the Drum Web 2030 beginning June 1. The Drum Web 2030 is designed to work with 20- and 30-gallon drums and will retail for about $225. Drum Webs offer drum handlers protection from drum lids and retaining rings that may be dangerously propelled from pressurized drums. The Drum Webs also serve as drum-lifting devices useful with all types of conventional lifting machinery such as forklifts, cranes, and hoists. The Drum Web 5585 is rated at 2,000 pounds for lifting, while the Drum Web 2030 is expected to be rated at approximately 1,000 pounds. Both products are featured on EET's newly launched web site at

EET also offers the Drum Web 110. This device fits 110-gallon drums and is used to keep lids and retaining rings in place when drum contents become pressurized. It is not currently available as a lifting device.

Each year there are numerous reports of injuries from removal of lids from open-head drums that were internally pressurized. From 1993 through 1999, the United States Department of Energy alone documented over 20 reports of injuries or near misses and almost 200 pressurized container incidents at its facilities, and many more undocumented cases are likely.

"If EET's video or Drum Web avoids just one injury, I will feel like my time spent working on these products was more than worthwhile," says Jack Franklin, Senior Environmental Specialist, Project Manager for the video, and co-inventor of the Drum Web.

"Based on my 12 years of field safety experience, overseeing drum handling operations and searching for similar competitive products on the Internet, both the safety video and the Drum Webs are truly unique, and will be embraced by safety professionals in the environmental, chemical, manufacturing and numerous other industries, " says David Driver, EET Corporate Safety and Health Officer and Certified Safety Professional.

EET provides environmental and information services and technologies and was ranked as the 222nd fastest growing privately held company in the USA, according to the 1997 Inc. 500 listing.

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