Retainer Harness Improves Safety

drumwebFebruary 17, 1997, Knoxville, TN - - Knoxville-based EET Corporation (EET) has developed a strapping device that minimizes the risks to operators when opening pressurized drums filled with waste materials. The removal of the retaining ring on lids of standard waste drums can be a harrowing and dangerous experience for drum handlers if the containers are pressurized, especially if there is no indication to give warning to the hazard. Waste drums may become pressurized due to gas production from chemical reactions, biological decomposition or radiolysis. Instances have been reported of retaining rings, bolts, and lids being blown as high as forty feet, sometimes severely injuring drum handlers.

To minimize the hazard associated with opening pressurized waste drums, EET developed a low cost, portable, easy-to-use safety strap and prying bar. "The safety strap is positioned on the drum prior to opening so that, in the event the container is pressurized, the ring, bolt, and lid will be held safely in place away from the drum handler," says Jack Franklin, EET’s Environmental Specialist responsible for development of the device, adding, "The safety strap will fit standard 30-, 55- and 80-gallon drums, can be used with a minimal clearance between adjacent drums, and can be installed and removed easily by one person." Other techniques used to safely open pressurized drums are substantially costlier and less portable. More on the DrumWeb.

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