Thermoflow Corporation Receives GSA Contract

Thermoflow Corporation has received a General Services Administration (GSA) contract to provide government agencies with recycled antifreeze and provide them with a no-cost disposal outlet for used antifreeze through September 2004.

Thermoflow’s main recycling facility is located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Thermoflow and EET Corporation of Knoxville, Tennessee recently formed Liquitek Corporation, a company destined to becoming a global provider of liquid treatment and recycling technologies. Liquitek plans to own and operate regional recycling facilities nationwide and licensing facilities worldwide for antifreeze and wastewaters. The first regional facility is scheduled to be operational by September 2000, and is located at the Department of Energy’s K-25 site outside of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The GSA contract award to Thermoflow is part of an overall “greening of the government order” signed by President Bill Clinton last year. In addition to antifreeze, the executive order encourages agencies to recycle binders, toner cartridges, plastic desktop accessories, trash/recycling containers, re-fined engine oil, retread tires, building insulation, and landscaping materials.

Under the GSA Federal Supply Service (FSS) contract, Thermoflow Corporation will sell recycled antifreeze to government agencies in single bulk shipments of 4,000 gallons, reconditioned 55-gallon drums, 6/1 gallon cases, or 250-gallon recycled totes. Antifreeze is typically a 50/50 mix of virgin ethylene glycol and water. Recycled antifreeze is chemically identical to the original product in composition and performance but costs about 20 percent less.

In addition to selling recycled product, Thermoflow will accept and recycle used antifreeze from government agencies in bulk shipments, 55-gallon drums, or 250-gallon totes, at no cost to the government. Historically, the government’s cost for disposal of spent antifreeze was as high a several dollars per gallon.

According to Thermoflow President Louie Sferrazza, government agencies will ship used antifreeze to the North Las Vegas facility for now. After September 2000, they also will have the option of shipping used product to the Tennessee site for recycling. Currently, recycled antifreeze is available to government users F.O.B. North Las Vegas or Oak Ridge.

“What to do with used antifreeze has been a vexing problem for government agencies for many years. In 1996, the U.S. Department of Defense, disposed of more than 30 million gallons of antifreeze. Now, hopefully, we can help them and other agencies recycle this product and keep the environment a little greener. Also, if agencies decide to use recycled product, we can provide significant savings on the product and disposal costs on top of that,” Sferrazza said.

Under the FSS Schedules program, the GSA enters into contracts with commercial firms like Thermoflow to provide supplies and services to government agencies at pre-determined prices. By using the GSA schedule to order services, government agencies can purchase up to $500,000 in services. The schedule also reduces procurement times because the GSA has already determined prices to be fair and reasonable.

Thermoflow Corporation was founded in 1994 and currently operates a fixed facility in North Las Vegas. This facility recycles up to 10,000 gallons of antifreeze/coolants daily in a closed looped, one-of-a-kind process that doesn’t create waste by-products or require the storage of spent materials.

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