EET Corporation Receives Exclusive License to Recycle Liquid Wastes

EET Corporation of Knoxville, Tennessee has received an exclusive license for technology used to recycle liquid wastes such as antifreeze/coolants and wastewaters. EET received the license from Nevada-based Thermoflow Corporation (TFC), developer of the recycling technology.

TFC operates a fixed facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada that recycles up to 20,000 gallons of antifreeze/coolants daily. EET will take the recycling technology one step further by making it available on a portable basis to large-scale liquid waste producers such as airlines, shipping and trucking fleets, utilities, municipalities, refineries, and mining and construction companies. EET also intends to expand the market applications for the TFC technology to include oil/gas/chemical processing and radioactive and/or hazardous waste liquids.

Liqwast3.jpg (16865 bytes) EET Corporation will install recycling equipment at Unitek Solvent Services, Inc. to recycle oily wastewater created from washing and maintenance of vehicles and bilge water released from ships.

"We are extremely pleased to have this exclusive license for recycling technology from Thermoflow Corporation. We are excited about the possibilities it holds for EET Corporation and more importantly, the future positive impact it could have on our environment," said EET Senior Executive Vice President and cofounder Louie Sferrazza. "Environmentally conscious companies have been searching for a cost-effective way to handle liquid wastes, and we are making that technology available to them. This technology makes sense for the environment as well as a company’s bottom line."

"EET is a perfect fit to receive this technology license. They have the background, personnel, and resources to diversify this technology beyond antifreeze recycling into many other areas," said Ernie Schmidt, President at Thermoflow Corporation.

The closed looped recycling process is the only one of its kind. It does not create waste by-products or require the storage of spent materials - nothing hazardous goes into the ground, air or water. In the case of used antifreeze, oil is separated out and converted into a higher-grade fuel. The remaining pollutants are removed and concentrated producing a non-hazardous "sand-like" hydrocarbon by-product that after being treated thermally can be used as a base for roads and parking lots.

Distilled water is one end product of the antifreeze recycling process and is used by many companies in their industrial processes. In addition to the environmental benefits of recycling, many companies see the cost-saving benefits of reusing their recycled liquid wastes. TFC offers a complete line of fully formulated antifreeze/coolants used in heavy-duty diesel engines.

Unitek Solvent Services, Inc., operator of the largest recycling facility in Hawaii, is EET's first customer for the technology. Unitek currently recycles used oil, solvents, oily wastewater, and tires at its facility in Honolulu.

The EET technology will enable Unitek to recycle oily wastewater created from washing and maintenance of vehicles and bilge water released from ships. Oil and metal contaminants will be removed from the wastewater. The oil will be recycled and the purified water will be discharged to the public works treatment plant. Any recovered solids will likely be used as a road base.

Blane Yamagata, President of Unitek Solvent Services, Inc. says: "The EET/Thermoflow technology will provide added capacity and a new capability for oil water processing at our Honolulu facility. We will be able to receive wastes previously unacceptable, provide quicker and more effective processing of these wastes, lower our process downtime, and hopefully lower our customers’ costs as well. We are anxiously awaiting the installation of the system in March next year." Yamagata indicated there is an option in the EET contract to enable Unitek to add antifreeze-recycling capability. Unitek currently ships used antifreeze to TFC’s North Las Vegas facility.

Founded in 1990, EET provides environmental and information technologies and services to clients in the government and private sectors. In 1997, EET ranked as the 222nd fastest growing privately-held company on the Inc. 500. In 1996, it was listed as the fastest growing environmental, health, and safety services and technology company in the United States by the National Technology Fast 500. EET has 120 employees with offices in Knoxville, Tennessee; Paducah, Kentucky; and Denver, Colorado.

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