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EET's latest innovation solves the common problem of getting representative samples at various depths from tanks, reactors, bins, hoppers, lakes, rivers, lake/river bottom sediments/sludges, and other vessels or places that require sampling at various depths. The tank sampler was originally developed by EET for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to sample mayonnaise-like sludge from up to 30 feet deep off an island in the Chesapeake Bay. The USACE sampling crew required a lightweight sampling tool, enabling the sampler to pull sludge samples manually, while suspended over the side of a hovercraft. EET's engineers quickly realized the efficacy of the new device to economically satisfy the needs for deep sampling tanks and other large vessels, where the typical common solution is to use an expensive crane or hoist to lower and raise sampling tools into the media.

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Tank Sampler Model #7TS

Liquid Sampler

Video Demonstration Liquid Configuration

Video Demonstration Sludge Configuration

EET's tank sampler includes a sample head with 3 foot, graduated extensions. The sampler head is available with 3 to 16 quick-coupling extensions. Once the desired sample depth is achieved, the sample is drawn into the chamber by cranking the handle manually or with a battery powered portable drill.


  • Samples liquids, slurries, sediments and sludges
  • Takes a 300 ml sample from one up to fifty feet deep
  • All stainless steel sample head - one design for liquids, one for sludges/slurries/sediment
  • 3 foot extensions available in stainless steel or aluminum alloys
  • Includes crank handle, drill bit attachment, padded aluminum carrying case, and extra O rings (portable drill not included)
  • Easily decontaminated
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Samples to within 1/32 inch or less of the vessel bottom.
Specifications - 7TS
  • Sampler head weight: 3.8 pounds (1.7Kg)
  • Weight of each 3 ft extension: Stainless Steel (ST): 4.8 pounds (2.2 Kg) ; Aluminum (AL) 2.5 pounds (1.1Kg)
  • Sample volume: approximately 300 mL

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